Reviews from Amazon


'Excellent book, wonderful read. Humorous, sad, and - dare I say? - amusingly bitchy in parts. More, please, George.'


'George Logan's first book "The Naked Doctor" was a wonderful story, but what really stood out for me was how beautifully written it was. The author has a fluent style and such a command of language that you just want to read more. I was delighted to discover his latest work "A Boy Called Audrey". The characters' voices leap from the page and you are there with them in a cafe or bar, as if eavesdropping on their conversations.'


' "A Boy Called Audrey" is earthy, honest, witty, and at times very poignant.' There are areas of the book that I can identify with very easily, and you end up thinking "That is so true" or "I knew people who were exactly like that". The author has such a compelling and easy style of writing that you just can't put it down.'